Celsium gains ORCHA accreditation, becoming the world’s first temperature monitoring application to join the leading digital health review platform.

Celsium, the leaders in temperature monitoring innovation are pleased to announce they have achieved an 80% score from ORCHA, becoming the first temperature monitoring application to gain accreditation.

ORCHA, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps, is the world’s largest health app review and distribution company.

The ORCHA review process is a robust digital health assessment that underpins a large proportion of the world’s national and regional digital accreditation models. Their intelligent review process identifies which of the 350-plus criteria the digital health tool meets across clinical standards, professional assurance, data and privacy, usability and accessibility. The review comprises nationally recognised digital health standards and regulations and has become the leading benchmark by which digital applications are assessed.

Celsium is an innovative temperature monitoring solution that seeks to raise the global standard of thermometry and support improvements in care across the NHS and other health economies around the world.  Celsium offers medical grade temperature monitoring to both health care organisations and the general public.

Andy Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer of Celsium said: “We’re thrilled to have achieved the ORCHA accreditation. It’s testimony to our technology team and their focus on quality that has become the foundation of everything we build at Celsium.  The ORCHA accreditation allows our customers to be assured that our applications have been developed and continue to be improved to the highest standard and quality.”

Liz Ashall-Payne, Founding CEO of ORCHA, said “Our congratulations to the team at Celsium for achieving such an impressive score through our review process. We look forward to hosting Celsium on our digital health libraries.”

Celsium is embarking on a series of evaluations within the NHS that help to manage and support earlier detection of conditions. If you would like to find out more about Celsium and any of the projects we are working on please contact us at Sales@celsium.com.

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