Celsium announces collaborative partnership with Mayo Clinic spin out Lucem Health.

Celsium announces collaborative partnership with Lucem Health to further develop and scale their advanced AI body temperature monitoring platform into the US health market.

Celsium, a UK based technology company who develop advanced temperature monitoring solutions, are pleased to announce a global partnership with Mayo Clinic spin out – Lucem Health.

Celsium’s technology seeks to raise the standard by which body temperature is monitored.  Utilising modern machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques it achieves a more accurate, reliable and standardised method of measurement that can be utilised by medical teams to better understand the early development and treatment of conditions.

The partnership with Lucem Health will seek to further develop the platform into key areas, such as the earlier detection of conditions within hospitals, pioneering clinical research such as CAR-T Cell therapy and supporting patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Lucem Health CEO Sean Cassidy said, "We are excited that Celsium has joined the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative, we look forward to working with them on projects that couple their groundbreaking technology with AI and ML developed by other Collaborative members."

“AI has the potential to revolutionise how healthcare is delivered," "The challenge of realising AI's potential is not about doing data science and developing algorithms; it's about understanding that clinical AI, to be relevant, must be integrated into the existing healthcare data and application ecosystem. Our Innovation Collaborative partners have a "solution first" mindset that considers all the requirements that must in be place for AI to be useful, trusted, and adopted”

Celsium’s CEO Andy Mahoney said, ”We‘re thrilled to be partnering with Lucem Health to further develop Celsium. The Lucem team have vast knowledge and experience in data science, along with their access to a wide variety of medical and research areas through Mayo Clinic.  We’re very excited by the projects we have planned and future development of Celsium.

Lucem Health, launched with Mayo Clinic and investing partners Commure (a General Catalyst company and Rally Ventures, helps healthcare visionaries bring AI powered insights to the point of care.  Digital health innovators can ideate revolutionary clinical solutions and advance them from the bench to the bedside to the front lines of healthcare on a single platform.  Visionary clinical leaders can deploy novel data and insights seamlessly into clinical workflows while ensuring that clinicians trust, adopt, and see value in them.

Lucem Health announcement HERE 

Further information www.celsium.com 


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