About Celsium

about us

Celsium's goal is to create a new global standard for body temperature monitoring: replacing a 300 year old concept - the thermometer - with a diverse ecosystem of temperature technology.

By raising the bar and improving the standard of monitoring body temperature, we believe that Celsium has the potential to improve global health outcomes – allowing us all to live longer, healthier lives.

In addition, Celsium creates an environment for exciting new areas of temperature research to be studied. By increasing our knowledge around the 'science' of temperature, we can nurture and develop the next generation of temperature technology and medical advancement.


Meet the Management Team

Behind the scenes.

We’re a passionate bunch, driven by a fundamental desire to make a difference.

Through Celsium we believe we can change the health, wellbeing and lives of millions of people through better understanding and interpretation of their temperature.

We have over 100 years’ experience between us, working for some of the biggest companies in the world.

With our knowledge, experience and lessons learnt in technology, we have come together to create Celsium and to fundamentally change the way the world measures temperature, for the better.

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