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what is Celsium?

Simple, accurate temperature monitoring

Celsium combines a wearable sensor with a mobile app to offer an easy to use, continuous and accurate temperature monitoring solution.

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Reading every 4 seconds

Real-time monitoring

Temperature alerts

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Key Features

The future of body temperature monitoring is here: easy to use, continuous, accurate.


Readings are captured every 4 seconds from the wearable sensor and can be viewed via the Celsium app.


Converts skin temperature into accurate body temperature, validated through clinical trial research.

Easy to use

Simple to use, with easy to understand temperature readings.


Clinically validated and CE marked.


Where to use Celsium?

Celsium is unique in that it can be used both at home and within healthcare settings such as hospitals and care homes.

For families

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For clinicians in healthcare

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For business

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What people are saying about us

Nice product. Really easy to use and found it really interesting to actually see the temperature through the day instead of just one or two readings.

Really helped when my son had a tonsillectomy. Was worried about him getting an infection but keeping an eye on his temp really put my mind at rest.

I was really anxious about my little girl getting a fever in the night after her immunisations. She wore Celsium to bed that evening and I really felt that I could relax...

Celsium helped us save a trip to A&E. My little boy had a tonsillectomy and we were warned to keep a close eye at home for any signs of infection. During his first night he was...

Helpful to keep an eye my elderly parents who live apart from me – really handy to log in and see their temperature when they are feeling unwell.

Simple to use once setup. I like to track temperature whilst exercising and I’ve used on my little one when he’s been poorly.

Great piece of tech. Really feels like a step forward in measuring temperature.

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